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BSides Newcastle

City Newcastler
Province Tyne and Wear
Country GB
Twitter bsidesncl
Website bsidesnewcastle.org
Code of Conduct bsidesnewcastle.org
CFP Deadline

Oct. 31, 2019, 8 p.m.   

Conference Date

Nov. 23, 2019, 10 a.m.   


We are interested in (but not limited to) the following topics:
- Life in InfoSec - community talks over health, wellbeing and surviving in the Information Security industry (30 - 90 min)
- Getting in to / progression in the InfoSec - talks covering entering and progressing in the InfoSec community (30 - 90 min)
- Technical talks - wide field of community interest technical talks (30 - 90 min)
- Rookie talks - wide field of community interest technical talks (5 - 30 min)
- Community interest talks - got something you want to talk about? (5-90 min)

Also, you can participate in:
- Mental Health Village
- Lockpicking Village
- Recruiting Stand
- Sticker Swap Table

Speaker benefits

BSidesNewcastle will not be able to cover any travel / other arangements over attending the confrence for those papers chosen.
Food & Entry
Free T-Shirt!