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City Hong Kong
Province Hong Kong
Country HK
Twitter @revuln
Website https://revuln.com/19q4.htm
Code of Conduct Respect the others, no offenses, no aggressive and inappropriate behavior.
CFP Deadline

Nov. 11, 2019, 11:55 p.m.   

Conference Date

Dec. 11, 2019, 9 a.m.   


REVULN 19Q4 is an international cybersecurity conference taking place the 2019 December 11-12 in Hong Kong at the Best Western Plus Hotel Hong Kong.

This private event does not have any sponsors and it's meant for invited guests only.
No marketing or promotion.
REVULN's goal is sharing knowledge and connecting people.
Information and FAQ on https://revuln.com/19q4.htm

We are looking for 10 international speakers with english presentations of about 35 minutes.
The whole slot is 45 minutes inclusive of questions.

CFP deadline: 2019 October 1.
Speakers requiring VISA may be selected before this date.

The conference is focused on the following two topics with presentations covering countries and areas of Asia:

1) AI, speech and face recognition in crime prevention
- improvements on public safety and surveillance
- legal and privacy aspects with comparison of countries
- alternative methods for circumventing privacy laws
- cases of exemptions of these privacy laws in countries
- examples of usages of such technologies and motivations
- technical info and comparison of products & algorithms
- improvements of facial recognition systems over time
- current limitations and how to bypass such technologies
- false positives and negatives, reliability and accuracy
- recognition of patterns in body language and movements
- applications of artificial intelligence and big data
- usage case studies by law enforcement agencies
- data and statistics on crime prediction and prevention
- statistics on real attacks foiled by such technologies
- technologies adopted as equipment for police forces
- current trends and possible mid-term future scenarios
- costs of the infrastructures and return of investment
- weaknesses in implementations/deployments by countries
- data collection, storage, processing and security
- physical/cyber attacks to smart city infrastructures
- tips for locating cameras and devices in urban areas
- how to stay "off the grid", techniques and difficulties
- perception of risks from usage of these technologies
- limitations in speech transcription and voiceprinting
- role of social pressure, economy and technology in
adopting smart city solutions despite privacy concerns
- additional tracking technologies (cards, smartphones
and apps, smart devices, e-money, public data analysis)

2) Fake news, disinformation and propaganda
- technical info on bots, SNS and manipulated image/video
- censorship and monitoring over social networks
- techniques for quick debunking and fact checking
- verification of sources and tips for journalists
- classification of fake news, motivations and examples
- legal aspects of anti fake news laws and interpretation
- role of multinational companies behind social networks
- technical and legal solutions, cooperation of media
- how information are manipulated, hidden and overexposed
- real examples of successful propaganda campaigns
- role of influencers and fake accounts in spreading news
- comparison of social networks and traditional media
- psychological behaviors and exploitation in fake news
- fake news recognition and takedown by law enforcements
- police investigation and tracking of fake news authors
- SNS response times to takedown requests from police
- alternative ways used by police for fighting fake news
- methods for propagating and boosting real news
- role of memes, satire, jokes and hoaxes
- role of confirmation bias and conspiracy theories
- how fake news influence elections and political events
- troll armies and factories, motivations and examples
- own exclusive research and work on the topic
*SNS: social networking services

We are interested in:
- your personal experience, work and research
- anything related to your country and region (Asia)
- statistics, case studies, data, facts and conclusions
- comprehensible content clearly designed and presented
for people with limited knowledge of a country or topic
- different points of views and unusual aspects

We are NOT interested in:
- marketing and promotional stuff, products or services
- pointless presentations without any real content
- live demonstrations or talks requiring Internet access
- generic overview of tools and info as in similar talks
- strong political opinions, we need facts and neutrality

Max two speakers for each presentation.

How to apply:
Via email by providing the information listed on https://revuln.com/files/revuln19q4.txt

Speaker benefits

- Accommodation consisting in a room for 3 nights, only for foreign speakers traveling to Hong Kong
- Admission to the conference (obviously)
- Admission to the conference for one colleague or for the second speaker
- Suggest max 3 people (or positions in organizations) you don't know and wish to meet at the event, we may then handle the invitations on our own