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t2 infosec conference

City Helsinki
Province Uusimaa
Country FI
Twitter @t2_fi
Website https://t2.fi
Code of Conduct https://t2.fi/about/eula/
CFP Deadline

July 31, 2019, 11:59 p.m.   

Conference Date

Oct. 24, 2019, 9 a.m.   


Looking for an event worthy of your 0days or world class research? Prefer conference disclosure over jumping through hoops with uninterested vendors? Worried of sponsors doing shady backroom deals to block your talk? We’ve got your back. As an independent, vendor-neutral, practically-non-profit conference we value freedom of information and our guests over everything else - ethos, which has kept us going for the past fifteen years.

Organized for hackers by hackers, we’re the oldest technical security event in Finland. Our goal of providing audience with high quality technical content and a welcoming atmosphere, competitive on a global scale, brings people to Helsinki annually from all around the globe. Whether you’re coming from US, Israel, Russia, Germany, UK, France, Singapore, or heaven forbid, even Sweden, you’re guaranteed to find like-minded people to share ideas or drinks with.

“What happened in Vegas does not happen in Finland”
--Eevil Stöö

Never heard of Finland? No worries, we’re used to it! In addition to being the home country of Slush[1], we have a vibrant Moomin based import-export relationship[2] with Japan. Luckily the Finnish language is as easy to learn as Japanese, only less popular. Here, in the home country of Linux, technology is so ingrained into our culture that even gangsta rappers[3,4] know what’s up. As a nation, we’re also very comfortable with the idea of having a meeting naked as long as traditional Sauna is involved.

t2’19 offers you an audience with a taste for technical security presentations containing original content. This is your chance to showcase the latest research and lessons in playing Jenga with memory allocators, practical cryptographic attacks against hardware, blinking the wrong LEDs, DIY torque vectoring, stealing Wu-Tang albums with Bill Murray, bypassing modern exploit mitigation techniques, combining policy work with offensive/defensive technology, running a Whisk(e)y distillery, having a complicated relationship with nation states, efficient data analysis of Internet traffic streams on botanical continent level, hacking space shuttles, catching bad guys with SIGNIT, nondestructive / covert entry, professional shitposting, elegant cyber crime or any other relevant research containing the type of love and happiness appreciated by seasoned conference attendees.

The advisory board will be reviewing submissions until 2019-07-31. Slide deck submission final deadline 2019-09-11 for accepted talks.

First come, first served. Submissions will not be returned.

[0] {“enableDebug”:true, “password”:”changeme”}
[1] https://www.slush.org/
[2] https://newsnowfinland.fi/startups-tech/big-in-japan-moomins-lead-finnish-mobile-gaming-invasion
[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GdqEp9HR6g
[4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYXa63BiJPU
[6] Except literally @nudehaberdasher and @0xcharlie

Speaker benefits

+ presentation length 60-120 minutes, in English
+ complimentary travel and accommodation for one person[6]
+ decent speaker hospitality benefits
+ no marketing or product propaganda

Still not sure if this is for you? Check out the blast from the past https://t2.fi/s