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The Long Con

City Winnipeg
Province Manitoba
Country CA
Twitter @thelongconwpg
Website https://thelongcon.ca/
Code of Conduct https://thelongcon.ca/about/
CFP Deadline

Aug. 2, 2019, noon   

Conference Date

Nov. 2, 2019, 9 a.m.   


Full CFP Details can be found here: https://thelongcon.ca/The_Long_Con_-_Call_For_Papers_2019.pdf

The Long Con is Winnipeg’s technical information security conference, now in its fifth year. This year’s
event takes place on November 2nd & 3rd at a new venue: The Good Will located at 625 Portage Ave.
The conference runs a single speaking track with presentations expected to be 20 minutes or 45 minutes,
followed by a few minutes for Q&A.
The conference is organized by a small group of volunteers consisting of current and former
Winnipeggers with careers in technology and information security. They can be reached at
[email protected] Up‑to‑date information, as well as recordings of the presentations given at
previous events can be found at https://thelongcon.ca.
We are looking for presentations that talk about infosec tools, specific exploits, legal issues, privacy,
defensive and offensive measures, cryptography, password cracking, reverse engineering, lockpicking,
and software‑defined radio. If your presentation doesn't fit into any of those categories, pitch it anyway!
Topics that “aren’t infosec” are often interesting and appropriate for our audience. We will advise you if
we think your presentation needs to be adjusted before we consider it, and offer recommendations. We
especially encourage you to submit to this CFP if you’ve never presented at a conference before. You will
find the audience is very supportive.
You are welcome to submit to this CFP as many presentations as you would like. We will consider all
submissions from all potential speakers to choose the mix of talks that would best fit the expected
audience. We will not pick more than one presentation per speaker.

Speaker benefits

We cannot compensate speakers beyond what is given to all participants (e.g., t‑shirt, badge). This
means that travel, lodging, and all other expenses that may be incurred by speakers will not be