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First Israeli Conference on Hardware and Side-channel Attacks (FICHSA)

City Beer Sheva
Province N/A
Country IL
Twitter FichsaConf
Website https://fichsa.sise.bgu.ac.il
CFP Deadline March 23, 2019, 11:55 p.m.   


The conference will bring together researchers from industry and academia, as well as independent hackers. The objective of the conference is to form active research collaborations between Israeli and international researchers in the field of hardware and side-channel attacks, and to bridge the gap between designers, evaluators and attackers of secure systems. In this conference attackers and protectors will have the opportunity to talk about how things fail and how one may aim at protecting our valuables.

The conference will be the first to unite the community of Israeli researchers and practitioners in the domain of side-channel analysis and other hardware attacks. The scientific program will consist of high-level keynote talks, technical talks, a tutorial and a graduate research colloquium.