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Layer 8 Conference

City Providence
Province Rhode Island
Country US
Twitter Layer8Conf
Website https://layer8conference.com
CFP Deadline Feb. 28, 2019, 11:55 p.m.   


The only conference anywhere that is solely dedicated to social engineering and OSINT! To be held at the Rhode Island convention center. We have a fun-filled day planned witha workshop on improv skills, a lockpicking village with TOOOL and a Capture the Flag contest with Trace Labs where we use our OSINT skills to work with local police and attempt to actually locate missing persons. On top of all that, we'll have two tracks of talks focused on social engineering and OSINT! We're looking for either 50 or 25 minute talks, your choice, to be reviewed by our illustrious content committee! Thank you for considering the Layer 8 conference!