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City Kyiv
Province Kyiv City
Country UA
Twitter nonameconorg
Website https://nonamecon.org
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CFP Deadline

April 16, 2019, 10 a.m.   

Conference Date

May 16, 2019, 10 a.m.   


Welcome to the 2nd annual NoNameCon - a 100% community-built practical cyber security conference.

After the 2018 powerful debut, NoNameCon returns in 2019 with the even more ambitious plans. Our first conference has established the standards for Ukrainian cyber security scene, let’s raise the bar even higher this time – together.

This time we bring you four days of unprecedented cybersecurity action:
- Two days of the highest quality professional trainings (May, 14-15)
- Two days of the hottest security talks and workshops (May, 16-17)
- Over 400 cyber security practitioners from all over the world
- Unmatched competition program by the top CTF game masters
- Free on-line streaming on YouTube
- Exciting hacking villages and quests
- Hacking quiz and professional debates
- And many, many more!

NoNameCon is a joint effort of the Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro OWASP chapters, a few founders of UISGCON, experienced CTF game masters, and a fantastic crew of volunteers, built around the idea of bringing the regional security conference scene to a higher level.

The second NoNameCon is going to be held in the heart of Ukrainian capital, at the heights of Dnipro shore, cross the street of the prominent Lavra monastery. The venue, Lavra Art Gallery, will provide us with more than 650 square meters of hacking territory, not counting the workshop and CTF areas, as well as a chill-out zone in the courtyard.

The conference will last for two days and we will have a single track of talks, multiple workshops, hacking villages, quests and social events run in parallel. Two days before the conference will be dedicated to the high-quality professional trainings and other side events. We will work hard to group the talks and workshops properly in order to minimize attendees’ conflicts of interest and help everyone get the best out of NoNameCon.

Speaker benefits

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