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City Kraków
Province Małopolska
Country PL
Twitter @CONFidence_news
Website https://confidence-conference.org/2019/krakow.html
CFP Deadline Feb. 15, 2019, 11:55 p.m.   


Share your most recent success, research, publication, discovery, investigation or solution on stage at CONFidence 2019. Our attendees made it clear saying they would like to see topics related to: web, malware, iot, pentests, cloud security, mobile, reverse engineering, forensic, etc. However, we’re not going to restrain you, so if you have something interesting to say on other topics, just hit us up with your application! What we need is your skills, experience, and knowledge.

CONFidence is the biggest IT security conference in CEE, a meeting of security experts, researchers, developers, and IT specialists. We focus on delivering practical, relevant, and diverse content. It's much more than just a conference. It's a camp-like event packed with lots of attractions, swag, contests, parties, extra lectures prepared by communities, as well as our new project - CONFidence Class, which supports education of the future IT Sec crowd.