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t2 infosec conference

City Helsinki
Province Uusimaa
Country FI
Twitter @t2_fi
Website https://t2.fi
CFP Deadline July 31, 2018, 11:59 p.m.   


Join us for the 15th anniversary celebrations on Oct 25-26! CFP and ticket sales are now open.

t2’18 offers you an audience with a taste for technical security presentations containing original content. This is your chance to showcase the latest research and lessons in memory manipulation, practical cryptographic attacks, subverting secure hardware, exploitation of artificial intelligence, avoiding murder mysteries and train robberies, targeting needles from haystacks, securing the enterprise, secdevops/devsecops, industrial control systems, remote centrifuge operation, upstream collection, covert entry, TLAs or any other relevant research containing the type of love and happiness appreciated by seasoned conference attendees.

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