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City Vegas
Province Nevada
Country US
Twitter @defcon
Website http://www.defcon.org
Code of Conduct Not populated yet
CFP Deadline

May 1, 2018, 11:45 p.m.   

Conference Date

Aug. 9, 2018, 10 a.m.   


The DEF CON 26 Theme, 1983:
1983: Welcome to the counter-future.

What kind of talks do we want?
1) Attacking the algorithms, system and technology this big data, ML, predictive, well-meaning dystopia is built on.

2) Protecting yourself against the alterna-future. Ideas might include auto-generating bogus personal data to degrade it's value to corporations, building and using alternate tools that don't lock you into a proprietary system, or clothing that confuses facial recognition systems.

3) Detecting the observers. Identifying surveillance networks, battling botnets and hunting intruders on your networks. The future is full-contact and we need to get better and determining who is coming after us and kicking them off our networks.

Companies are providing cheap or free conveniences in exchange for our preferences and personas, and this will only accelerate.

4) Everything Else - Above are some suggested topics that loosely align with the theme, but being DEF CON we consider all talk subjects. If your talk doesn't fit in one of these topics don't worry, the suggested themes are just a starting point. We've dozens of speaking slots, the tracks will be filled with a clustering of subjects; hardware hacking, lock picking, mobile hacking, reverse engineering, legalities of hacking, and more.

Note: We have noticed fewer speakers over the years using their hacking handles and almost exclusively using their real names. That's not very hacker, consider submitting under your handle!

Check out https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-25/dc-25-speakers.html for last year's conference presentations. If you want to learn from the past and get a complete list of topics that were accepted browse our archives here: https://defcon.org/html/links/dc-archives.html.

To submit a speech:
Complete the DEF CON 26 Call for Papers Form. https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-26/dc-26-cfp-form.html

Like always we strive to only accept those talks of the highest caliber, and we won't have time to go back and forth asking for clarifications or missing information in your submission. Submit your best, most complete form, and if anything changes email us an update.

Barring a disaster of monstrous proportions, speaker selection will be completed no later than June 1, 2018. The sooner you submit, the better chance you have that we give your presentation the full consideration it warrants. If you wait until the last minute to submit, you have less of a chance of being selected, unless your name is Major Kusanagi.

After a completed CFP form is received, speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the last minute, but don't deviate from your accepted presentation. We will mail you reminders with information on deadlines for when we need your presentation to be burnt on the CD, as well as information for the printed program. If you want to plan ahead these dates are also listed on the CFP Form.

What do you get?
No matter if you are accepted or rejected, the DEF CON review board will provide candid feedback on your submission. DEF CON has a team of different subject matter experts to help select presentations based on many factors, and you'll end up with a good idea how they responded to your submission.

If you are accepted, Speakers get in to the show free, get paid USD $300 or 3 Human Badges, get a cool speaker badge, and people like you more. Most speakers find it is a great way to meet others interested in their topics. You can opt to forgo the $300 payment and instead receive 3 human badges that you can give to your friends, sell to strangers, or hold onto as timeless mementos. Receiving badges instead of checks has been a popular option for those insisting on maintaining their anonymity.

DEF CON will promote your presentation, link to your social media, blog, or web pages you desire, and help arrange for any interviews from interested media that want to learn what you are up to. Please let us know on the form if you want to do any interviews and we will pass on your info to our press team.

Please visit:
https://www.defcon.org/ for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing lists and this web site.

https://forum.defcon.org/ for a look at all the events and contests being planned for DEF CON 26. Join in on the action.

Follow @defcon on twitter or check out the DEF CON Facebook Page to keep up to date with what's up at the con this year.

CFP forms and questions should get mailed to: talks/at/defcon.org. If you have not received confirmation of your submission after two business days, contact us again. Please check your spam folder & whitelist */at/defcon.org

Good luck with your submission(s) and thank you for keeping the culture alive!

- The Dark Tangent

Speaker benefits

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