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LevelUp 0x02

City Internet
Province Internet
Country US
Twitter @Bugcrowd
Website https://www.bugcrowd.com/bugcrowd-announces-levelup-0x02-the-virtual-hacking-conference/
CFP Deadline May 11, 2018, 11:55 p.m.   


Bugcrowd's putting on our 2nd annual conference for bug bounty hunters, over the internet for free! On May 26th, 2018, we will host an all-day web conference with presentations from bug bounty hunters & penetration testers sharing their best practices, strategies, and research to help level-up their fellow bug hunters.

Our goal for this conference is to create opportunities for researchers to learn and level-up their skills. All content will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube shortly after the event.

We are accepting talks/presentations from individuals or groups. We're looking for content ranging from beginner to advanced, with our primary focus on intermediate to advanced skills & techniques. The content should primarily be technical. Presentations should be 20 (method + demo) or 50 minutes in length (Full methodology or longer presentation).