We've been asked if there's a way to fund the project (hosting, etc), here are our wallets:
ETH: 0x56FB31E17881B37CB91aF41e6e7DFc855f64e284


City Carlsbad
Province California
Country US
Twitter @JSConfUS
Website https://2018.jsconf.us
CFP Deadline May 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m.


Over the course of JSConf US events, we have spotlighted individuals that would otherwise never get a stage. We have given a platform for risky, wild, absurd, and amazing things to flourish into even bigger, more widely-known products, ideas, and libraries. We take incredible pride in the fact that many of the brightest things in JS over the last ten years have their roots deeply ingrained with JSConf. We push ourselves each year to take riskier and riskier speakers, because they define the discussion about JavaScript over the years to come.