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SecTor (CFP Round 2)

City Toronto
Province Ontario
Country CA
Twitter @sectorca
Website https://sector.ca/call-for-speakers/
Code of Conduct Not populated yet
CFP Deadline

July 29, 2018, 11:59 p.m.   

Conference Date

Oct. 1, 2018, 8 a.m.   


SecTor is all about the meat — The content that matters to Canadian IT Security Professionals today. Of course, we’ll have fun and celebrate having the world’s best in Toronto, but the key to SecTor’s success, and the primary objective of the Advisory Committee, is quality content and interesting presentations for attendees.

If we haven’t approached you, but you believe you have a significant discovery or new research that the security community would value, or enjoy hearing about, we invite you to submit your presentation topic for serious consideration.

To be included in first round speaker selection, once open, your proposal must be submitted before end of day April 29, 2018. The first round of speakers will be announced in the middle of May. To allow for late breaking research to be presented, additional submissions will be accepted until end of day July 29, 2018.

SecTor attendees are a mix of security professionals and vendors, programmers, students, network administrators and IT executives. Preference will be given to speakers who can present new and innovative content to a broad audience. Of course, all presentations are expected to challenge the brightest and quickest of attendees – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

SecTor is not a vendor fair. Consequently, there will be very little tolerance for commercial content within presentations. Attendees will be encouraged to quell any shameless marketing that is not immediately backed up with rationale for its inclusion.

Proposals should consist of the following information in the body of an email:

Presenter and contact info (country of origin and residence, e-mail, postal address, phone, fax).
Employer and/or affiliations.
Brief biography.
Topic synopsis, Proposed paper title, and a one paragraph description.
Reason why this material is innovative or significant and/or how you think attendees will be able to apply the knowledge.
Optional: List of publications, papers or other speaking engagements. Give us an idea of your qualifications.
Optional: Samples of prepared material or outlines ready.
Optional: Let us know if you plan a whitepaper or tool release with the talk.
Please list any other publications or conferences where this material has been or will be published/submitted.
Please identify what track you believe your submission best fits:

Technical session(60min) – travel covered
Management session(60min) – travel covered
SECurity FUNdamentals session(60min) – travel not covered
Tools session (60min) – travel not covered
Please include the plain text version of this information in your email as well as any file, pdf, sxw, ppt, or html attachments.

Please forward the above information to [email protected]

Speaker Benefits:

Of course, all speakers enjoy the bragging rights of being a con speaker and the comfy and quiet speaker room but there is more. The SecTor organizers know that the speakers are what really make the event, and so to that end all speakers receive:

Roundtrip flight to the event
2 nights hotel accommodation at the Intercontinental Hotel
Ground transportation to/from Toronto airport (town car limo service)
Full access Speaker Pass
And a free pass to the SecTor Networking Reception and Party on Tuesday evening

Speaker benefits

Not populated yet