We've been asked if there's a way to fund the project (hosting, etc), here are our wallets:
ETH: 0x56FB31E17881B37CB91aF41e6e7DFc855f64e284

NorthSec (nsec)

City Montreal
Province Québec
Country CA
Twitter @NorthSec_io
Website https://www.nsec.io/cfp/
CFP Deadline Jan. 15, 2018, 11:59 p.m.


We try and keep a practical mind about the way we cover security topics, we very much like talks that feature Demos and/or working POC/tool release!

Application & Infrastructure Security
Whether it’s about pentesting, network security, software and/or hardware exploitation, web hacking, reverse engineering, malware/virii/rootkits, or anything low-level that makes your personal clock tick, let us know!

Cryptography & Obfuscation
From theoretical cryptosystems to applied cryptography exploitation, steganography and covert communication systems, we’d like to hear from you!

Society & Ethics
Technical subjects are at the core of the security field, but they also exist in a world of humans, affected by their social environment & political context. If you’ve got something great to say about the digital society and it’s security implications, drop us a line!