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City Washington D.C.
Province Washington D.C.
Country US
Twitter @shmoocon
Website https://shmoocon.org/
Code of Conduct Not populated yet
CFP Deadline

Nov. 19, 2017, 7 p.m.   

Conference Date



ShmooCon 2018 will continue to use a web based submission process. Please note that all communications from the conference will be via the contact author.

Visit HTTPS://CFP.SHMOOCON.ORG and be prepared with the following information:

Speaker name(s) and contact information
Presentation Title
Track Preference (may select more than one but please describe how your talk would differ between tracks in item 6 below)
Keywords and Abstract (copied from your submission)
Document in TEXT or PDF format which contains the following in this order:
Title of Presentation
Presenter(s) Name
Abstract of your presentation limited to 200 words or less for use in the ShmooCon program and on the website.
Bio limited to 100 words for you OR your group (not 100 words per person).
Detailed Description – the most important part of your submission. You need to provide detailed information that demonstrates your knowledge of your topic and how you will present it to the audience. Do not rely on your abstract to be enough for the review committee. It isn’t.
Track Preference – include how you would adjust your presentation for track or time considerations.
Why do you feel this submission is a good fit for ShmooCon?
List of other conferences at which submission has been presented or submitted.
Are you a potential first time presenter at ShmooCon? Have you spoken at any other conferences? If yes, which ones?
If accepted, would you be willing to write a 1000 word article about your topic for ShmooCon Proceedings?
List of facilities requested beyond what is already provided (power, projector with VGA input, sound projection, and internet connectivity).
Please Note: Submissions that do not follow the above format exactly will be marked down no matter how exciting the content.

A sample submission can be found online at http://shmoocon.org/sample-submission. We provide this as a general example. Your detailed description (number 5 in the above list) need not look like or be formatted like ours, but it should contain more than enough information to convince us of the merit of your talk.


Speakers in all tracks receive free admission to the conference. Accepted talks also receive a $200 (shared) honorarium OR one (1) guest admission to ShmooCon. You will need to inform us of your choice upon being accepted. Please be kind and confer with fellow presenters if applicable before making this decision.

Several alternates will also be chosen and receive free admission. Alternates should come to ShmooCon prepared to speak.

Speaker benefits

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