We've been asked if there's a way to fund the project (hosting, etc), here are our wallets:
ETH: 0x56FB31E17881B37CB91aF41e6e7DFc855f64e284

BSides Rome

City Rome
Province RM
Country IT
Twitter BSidesRoma 2018
Website https://www.bsidesroma.it/
CFP Deadline Nov. 30, 2017, 11:55 p.m.


Security BSides Roma is the will by InfoSec Professionals in Italy, the core team and supporters to create and event which the take-way is not only a brochure but full of real content and to bring a Security community which wants to get in touch and be resilient. The objective is to ignite with a first event as a meeting point, an opportunity for discussion without the marketing side of a typical conference. We would like to share and improve ourself, all together.