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City Montreal
Province Quebec
Country CA
Twitter northsec_io
Website https://cfp.nsec.io/2020/
Code of Conduct https://nsec.io/code-of-conduct/
CFP Deadline

March 15, 2020, 11:37 p.m.   

Conference Date

May 14, 2020, 8 a.m.   


NorthSec covers the full spectrum of applied security. We try to take a practical approach to covering security topics, so we give priority to content that presents original research, and/or uses open source technology to teach participants new techniques.

The conference includes two tracks of 30 minute talks (45 with Q&A), up to four tracks of 2-3hr hands-on workshops and villages and community projects for open-ended learning and experimentation. Submissions are open for all of these submission types.

NorthSec is a non-profit event organized entirely by volunteers, with an inclusive mandate and many options for students and underrepresented minorities to participate and get involved in the security community.

Speaker benefits

We cover travel and accommodation for speakers who cannot otherwise afford it.

Speakers get to participate in our CTF (the largest on-site in the world, as far as we know!) and get invited to a speakers' dinner.