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City San Antonio
Province Texas
Country US
Twitter @BSidesSATX
Website https://www.bsidessatx.com
Code of Conduct https://www.bsidessatx.com/conduct.html
CFP Deadline

Feb. 29, 2020, 11:59 p.m.   

Conference Date

June 6, 2020, 9 a.m.   


This is a chance to share about that thing you are really good at, just getting started with, or are excited to share experiences about. Looking for 'The Next Big Thing' takes all kinds, so that means you. Yes YOU. The person reading this. If you find yourself here and aren't sure if you should submit, that's a definite sign that we want to help you get your start.

​Presenters are expected to bring their own devices, although it may be possible to work with those who only are able to bring slide decks. A limited range of adapters may be available, but better to plan to bring your own, just in case.

While not limited to the following, the tracks will loosely adhere to the following themes:
* In the Weeds (Technical & Detailed)
* In the Clouds (Concepts, strategy, and industry challenges)
* In the Beginning (Introduce your topic or research)
* ​In the Thick of It (Career talks & industry panels)

* Talks for In The Weeds and In The Clouds should be around 40 minutes in length, max. This should leave time for questions or conversation, not to mention allowing a few minutes between talks.
* Talks and panels for our career track, In the Thick of It, should plan to be about 40 minutes in length.
* ​Talks for In the Beginning should be around 20 minutes and will given at the top of the hour, leaving the rest of the hour for exploration.

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