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GitHub Satellite

City Paris
Province Paris
Country FR
Twitter @github
Website https://githubsatellite.com/
Code of Conduct https://githubsatellite.com/code-of-conduct/
CFP Deadline

Jan. 13, 2020, 11:55 p.m.   

Conference Date

May 6, 2020, 5 p.m.   


GitHub Satellite is our biggest product and community conference in Europe, celebrating developers, teams, businesses, and industry leaders from around the world. The conference features a GitHub keynote, workshops, and breakout sessions led by developers who use GitHub to move their businesses and projects forward.

GitHub Satellite 2020 is all about the interconnected community and the importance of collaboration, secure development, and end-to-end DevOps to create great software.
From the newest tools and methods you’re implementing for your business to the ideas and lessons you’ve learned building a community - we want to hear your stories.

|| Talk topic thought starters ||
Below are the core ideas and themes we will be building content around for GitHub Satellite. Think about how your talk applies to these ideas; our review board will be grading submissions heavily on how well the concepts in your submission tie into these themes:

- Secure Development: We want to understand how you're securing data and how you're reducing risk by analyzing vulnerabilities. What are the methodologies you're applying for a secure development environment in your community? What lessons and crucial learnings do you have that the developer community needs to hear?

- End-to-end (code to cloud) DevOps: Automation and a variety of other tools streamline lifecycles, minimize risk, and allow teams to spend their time writing code. What's enabling you to increase efficiency and create better software? What insights do you have for the community that could change the way they work? How are you using GitHub Actions to improve your workflows?

- Collaboration: What are the new ways you've implemented collaboration across team? Across departments? Across communities? Collaboration is the core of GitHub and essential to creating great software. We have attendees that want to work this way but just don't know how. Share your experience implementing these practices. And we know it's not all sunshine and roses - what are the pitfalls and where are the concerns? Show attendees what you're doing to mitigate those concerns and why its worth it.

- Technical skills: Every event we come across some great submissions that may not fit specifically into a category. These submissions dive deep into a specific topic and provide takeaways that our entire audience would learn from. The submissions are almost always technical and are on the cutting edge of technology. If you are a premier expert in your field with a topic that would blow our audience away we invite you to submit a proposal. In the past we've had experts in data visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

* This is a very technical audience for your presentation err on the side of more technical rather than less.

|| Format ||
- Breakout sessions are either 35 or 40 minutes long and happen throughout the day.
- Do NOT include Q&A time in your talk. It doesn’t translate well for people who can’t attend, are following along in the livestream, or are watching recordings.
- Do NOT present with a live demo. They often don’t go as planned, and we can’t guarantee a perfect internet connection.
- Keep your session concise and focused—overviews aren’t great in this format. The narrower your topic is, the deeper you can dive into it and give the audience more to take home.

|| Audience ||
800 attendees will attend Satellite from across the software development community. About 80 percent of the audience will be from engineering and product teams (for example: developers, technical leads, and engineering managers) and about 20 percent will be software business leaders.

|| Selection process ||
Submissions are initially anonymized and reviewed by a panel of GitHub employees from a range of departments and backgrounds with the submissions. We’ll use speaker information in any final reviews to break ties and bring a balance to the speaking lineup.

|| Tips for submissions ||
- Content should be crafted from the perspective of a developer, this is a technical audience so your talk should be technical as well.
- Your session abstract should tell a story. This is your sales pitch to us and to the community choosing which talks to attend.
- Be clear and concise about what the audience is going to learn from your session. Tell us why your talk needs to be at GitHub Satellite.
- We do not accept product or sales pitches

|| Submitting ||
If you’re interested in speaking at Satellite, familiarize yourself with our code of conduct and then complete the proposal form which includes a brief description of your session description (be as concise as possible), session title, and speaker details.

Please note: All sessions will be recorded. The deadline for submissions is Monday, 13 January 2020.

Speaker benefits

You will receive a complimentary general admission ticket to Satellite and:
- 2 nights of hotel accommodations up to €249/night
- Airfare for travel up to €800
- €500 honorarium
We strive to make speaking at Satellite as accessible and inclusive as possible. If your session is selected and you need additional support, such as childcare or unique accommodation, please let our team know.