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City Gdynia
Province Pomerania
Country PL
Twitter @x33fcon
Website https://www.x33fcon.com
Code of Conduct https://www.x33fcon.com/#!terms.md
CFP Deadline

Dec. 31, 2019, 11:59 p.m.   

Conference Date

May 7, 2020, 9 a.m.   


* Each presentation should last up to 40 min + 5 min Q&A
* Each workshop should last from 1 to 3 hours
* CfP submissions must be made by speaker himself/herself. No third parties should be involved
* New research not presented elsewhere will have precedence
* If submitted presentation was already presented elsewhere please provide links to the material (slides, whitepaper, video, etc.)
* We do not accept vendor specific pitches
* We will contact potential speakers with questions in regards to presentations if needed

Topics of interest (workshops included)
* Red/blue collaboration (purple teaming)
* War stories / case studies
* Offensive TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures)
* Research on novel attacks
* Threat intelligence
* Active defense
* Blue team best practices
* Networking incident response, investigation, and evidence handling
* Network forensics and traffic analysis
* Malware research
* Digital forensic triage
* Antiforensics and anti-antiforensics approaches
* Social Engineering

If you believe your research is interesting but does not fall into the above categories please reach out to us. We are open to any suggestions.

More info at:
* https://www.x33fcon.com/#!call4papers.md

You can also submit your training proposal:
* https://www.x33fcon.com/#!call4trainers.md

Speaker benefits

* We cover hotel accommodation and full board for 3 nights (May 6-9)
* Travel cost reimbursement with cap: 500EUR for flying within Europe, 1500EUR for international flights, 100EUR for travel within Poland
* We can help with Schengen Visa process
* Conference entry and afterparty
* Speakers' dinner
* Great fun!